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Digital Watt meter

Digital Watt meter

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A must have tool for electric flyers ! 
great for checking how many amps and watts your system is pulling

Available in 2 options

no connectors so you can solder your favorite connector on to it 

Or with Xt60 connectors 

Simple +positive/-negative (GND) two-wire input (Source) and two-wire output (Load) for series insertion into circuit.

Two-line LCD - updated every 0.4 seconds - displays eight different values:

Power 0 - 6554 Watts to 0.1W resolution
Current 0 - 100 Amps (max) 50A continuous to 0.01A resolution
Voltage 4 - 60 Volts to 0.01V resolution
Power flow rate 0 - 6554 Watt-hours (Wh) to 0.1Wh resolution
Current flow rate 0 - 65 Amp-hours (Ah) to 0.001Ah resolution
peak current in Amps
peak power in Watts
Voltage minimum (dip) over monitoring period

Low in-circuit resistance just 0.001 Ohms   negligible 7mA circuit load.

Dimensions 84 x 50 x 20mm (L x W x D

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