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37" Wicked Slick Pro - with power Combo

37" Wicked Slick Pro - with power Combo

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This is a pnp kit it includes all electronics just add you rx and battery 

Introducing our most famous and most loved plane, The Wicked Slick is now back in the Pro version, with the re-developed design, bigger controls, better foam and hardware quality, eye catching color scheme, the wicked pro is a any day go-to airplane, Due to its, floaty nature, smooth flying and uninterrupted tracking, this airplane is an excellent choice for beginner 3D Pilots who want to learn and try new maneuvers without breaking the plane. This high performing aircraft is capable of handling the most creative and challenging maneuvers you throw at it while maintain incredible stable flying characteristics. Pre-hinged constructions along with new carbon fiber truss design and state of the art hardware makes the wicked slick pro one of the fastest EPP models to build  


KIT Features

  • Enhanced 3D Aerobatic Performance
  • Robust EPP Foam Construction with Eye-Catching Color Scheme
  • Carbon Reinforced Braces for Wings, Fuselage and Suspension Mounts
  • Capable of Impressive Indoor and Outdoor 3D Maneuvers
  • Generous Hardware Package


Wingspan : 37"
Length :      39"

AUW : 310-340g


Combo Includes:

1 X 37" Wicked Slick Pro EPP Kit

1 X T-Motor AM40 4D (1500KV)

1 X T-Motor 4D Adaptor

1 X T-Motor AT 20A ESC / AM16A (Optional)

2 X T-Motor F3P 3D T9048

4 X Emax ES08AII Servos

Battery Recommendation: 850-1000Mah 3S Lipo

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