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TA Horizons

33" Laser Z2300 - PNP Combo (SH Scheme)

33" Laser Z2300 - PNP Combo (SH Scheme)

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With an unparalleled fusion of aesthetics and flight attributes, the 33" Laser Z2300 is a spectacle to behold in the skies. Its flight capabilities are a harmonious blend of speed variations, lightning-fast aileron response, impeccable zero-rock harriers, and the quintessential dead-on knife edge. Seamlessly transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments, this model excels in straightforward assembly. Furthermore, it has undergone enhancements to elevate the level of enjoyment and flight experience, catering to both novice and seasoned 3D pilots.


-Enhanced 3D Aerobatic Performance

-Robust 5mm EPP Foam Construction with Eye-Catching Color Scheme

-Carbon Reinforced Braces for Wings, Fuselage and Suspension Mounts

-Capable of Impressive Indoor and Outdoor 3D Maneuvers

-Generous Hardware Package



Wingspan : 33"

Length : 35"

AUW : 180-220g


Combo Includes:

1 X TA Horizons 33" Laser Z2300 EPP Kit

1 X T-Motor AS2304 Short Shaft (1800Kv)

1 X T-Motor AT 12A ESC

1 X T-Motor F3P 3D T9048

1 X T-Motor F3P 3D T8044

3 X Emax ES08AII Servos

Recommended battery:

2-3s 450-500mah lipo Battery

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